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The Grab Bag - Universal Weight Bag


The Grab Bag

Quick Look

• Material                       18 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester / 8 oz. Geotextile Material

• Fill Material                 15 lbs. / 25 lbs. Washed Sand

• Dimensions                 20" x 12" & 24" x 14" - empty

Spec Sheet

The Grab Bag is a unique and handy alternative to plain sand bags when it comes to item stabilization. Made from durable Vinyl Coated Polyester or 8 oz. Geotextile and double stitched for endurance. Heavy duty Velcro on one end allows for desired custom weight. Popular applications include temporary fencing, traffic signs, outdoor signage & menu boards, tarp stabilization, etc.

The uses of The Grab Bag are unlimited.

Custom sizing available

Also available without sand to be filled onsite.

2 sizes to choose from

20" x 12"  24" x 14"