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Piranha Above Ground Filter

The Piranha Filter is a specialized above ground high-flow drain inlet filter. The filter uses a unique 1½ inch-plus, closed-cell foam perimeter berm. A secondary filter media surrounds the generous overflow portal at the center of each Piranha Filter.

The Piranha Filter can either be held in place with gravel bags or the preferred method of attaching the unit to the grate with heavy duty wire (provided).

Quick Look

• Outer Material           12 oz geotextile upper skirt - 16 oz geotextile under-seal gasket

• Portal Grid                   Virgin perforated HDPE

• Filtering Media           High strength woven geotextile - percent open area 10-15%

• Flow Rate                    145 gpm (gallons per minute) - filtering media

• Dimensions                 24" x 24" • 24" x 36" • 24" x 48" • 36" x 48"

                                          Dimensions based on grate sizes • Custom sizing available

Spec Sheet